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انجمن تخصصی پهپاد رها

اولین انجمن گفتگوی تخصصی پرنده های بدون سرنشین

شايد بتوان يكي از نقاط تمايز اصلي پاپارازي را با ساير اتوپايلوت ها ، سنسورهاي قابل اتصال به آن دانست.

در پاپارازي ميتوان هر نوع سنسوري را به اتوپيلوت متصل كرد!‌ در واقع تنوع سنسورهاي قابل اتصال به حدي زياد است كه ميتوان همه نوع سنسوري را كه از پروتكل هاي ارتباطي استاندارد استفاده ميكنند به اين اتوپايلوت متصل كرد، زيرا يا كتابخانه آن از قبل در پاپارازي نوشته شده است و يا خودتان براي آن يك كتابخانه ايجاد ميكنيد!;)

در واقع سنسورهاي رايجي كه به اين اتوپايلوت قابل اتصال هستن شامل :

Airspeed sensor
Current sensor

اما بخش سنسور اصلي كه داراي تنوع بسيار هست IMU هست كه براي تعيين وضعيت پرنده استفاده ميشه. IMU هاي پشتيباني شونده توسط پاپارازي (داراي كتابخانه) شامل موارد زير هستند:

ابتدا IMU هايي كه طراحي و ساخته شده توسط خود تيم پاپارازي هستن:

Booz IMU v 1.01

High quality analog devices sensors
16bit ADC capable of 200 000 samples per second
Special attention to clean power with onboard linear supplies
Efficient high-speed SPI for minimal microcontroller overhead and ultra-low latency (=better controller performance).
Fits on Booz, Lisa AND Tiny/TWOG autopilots.

While originally designed for use with rotorcrafts, code is now available for use with fixed wing.

YAI v1.0


Designed to be completely compatible with original booz IMU and its code
Cheaper sensors (lower bias stability)
Higher resolution (16bits) and frequency (200ksps) and cleaner onboard power supply, better grounding and shielding than compared with e.g. external sparkfun breakout boards
Fast low latency SPI communication (no uart as the tiny/twog miss uarts)
The most important part of attitude determination is proper kinematic compensation using for instance GPS, pressure sensors etc etc. When using IMU with external processors there is often less flexibility. Things as timing for instance are as important as the quality of the gyros themselves.

Aspirin IMU
Next generation flat imu. This little imu with latest generation of integrated high rate high resolution gyros's moreover has very low noise and stable power supplies and outputs all sensors interrupt pins for optimal performance.

Note: while the main intended use is the very low latency high performance spi+i2c+interrupts connection (e.g. on lisa/M), please note that aspirin v2 can also be used with any tiny/twog for fixedwing aircraft with the same 4-wire interface and identical software as the PPZUAV-IMU. (connect Aspirin-SCK and aspirin-SCL to the I2C-SCL, aspirin-mosi and aspirin-SDA to I2C-SDA, Vcc to 5V (preferably linear), aspirin-gnd and aspirin-miso to GND, and aspirin-CS to 3.3V.)

حال ساير IMU هاي معروف كه توسط پاپارازي پشتيباني شده و داراي كتابخانه آماده هستن:

Ryan Mechatronics CHIMU AHRS

Very nice product: using the ultra high speed ultra low latency 200Hz SPI-slave mode (even 200Hz innerloop control of fixedwing is possible) or simple 4-wire connection via serial port to any TWOG/TINY/LISA/YAPA.

Don't want to spend time testing AHRS filters? Nor calibrating IMU? This module with molex connector can be bought calibrated and does all the filtering internally.

SparkFun Razor 6DOF IMU


Official website

6DOF - Ultra-Thin IMU

Very cheap, currently 62-72 Euro. Shop in Europe

Has been integrated in Paparazzi by Hochschule Bremen, Germany.

Remove the high pass filters of the RazorIMU to get better results.

For the Twog and Tiny 2.2 autopilots you have also remove the resistors to GND and the series resistors to the MC of the 5V analog inputs. The code to fly normal plane is currently in the repository.

SparkFun SEN-10121

IMU Digital Combo Board - 6 Degrees of Freedom ITG3200/ADXL345


Tiny, ADXL345 accelerometer, ITG-3200 gyro, 3.3V input, I2C interface.

This IMU has been tested and flown with Tiny v2.11 and TWOG. It is very similar to the PPZUAV IMU.

Pololu MinIMU-9

IMU Digital Combo Board - 9 Degrees of Freedom L3G4200/LSM303


Tiny, LSM303 accelerometer and magnetometer, L3G4200 gyro, 3.3V input, I2C interface.

This IMU has been tested and flown with TWOG.

Cloudcap Crista IMU

Official website

ArduIMU+ V2 (Flat)

Official website

Paparazzi Wiki Page

3 axis accelerometer + 3 axis gyroscope
Low cost
Has been integrated in Paparazzi by ZHAW, Winterthur, Switzerland.
A magnetometer has been integrated in the software to compensate drift in yaw.
GPS data from the Tiny is passed over I2C to the AHRS on the IMU.
Is sold by Sparkfun and DIYDrones Store

Vector-Nav VN-100

Official website

MicroStrain 3DM-GX2

Official website

Xsens MTi and MTi-G (with GPS)


Official website MTi

Official website MTi-G

In sensor fusion, calibration and timing are crucial. If you want latency compensated ADXRS gyro integrated attitude done by an efficient and optimized Blackfin DSP you need an XSens. For rotorcraft the 100Hz is a bit slow, but for fixedwing it's perfect. Directly compatible with Yapa and Lisa and all needed code in paparazi.

MemSense MAG3

MAG3 - 6 DOF Analog IMU with Triaxial Magnetometer

Official website mag3

خب همانطور كه ميبينيد تقريبا همه نوع سنسوري رو پشتيباني ميكنه ;)
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